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25 September 2011 @ 12:48 pm


7 people out of the 18 commenters got the prize. It must be 14 but only 7 follow the rules. If you feel that you are on the 14 spot and haven't got any links, it may be because:
  • you're already a member of our other community
  • you're privacy options are enable
  • incomplete answers
Some are on time, but haven't send them a link because they have a problem; either of the 3 above. Most of them are on the 2nd one. I'm too busy to leave any comment, so I apologize. The other mod is busy in her business too, that's why she can't leave any comment, or correct you.

Better luck next time.

And next time, be sure to read the WHOLE POST.
16 September 2011 @ 10:32 pm

Every community has a rules. If we're strict in grinsandgiggles, we will be 10x less strict in this community. You just need to follow this simple rules.

No bashing / flaming
Watch your words/behavior.
Use english language only.

This community is made to share any things related to the JUMP fandom.

If you're not sure about the post that you're making, pls don't be shy to ask the mods. We're here to guide and help you every time.

Any questions/suggestions/violent reactions, please leave it here.

Good day, and welcome once again.